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530 dodge ball team

530medialab Competes (Poorly) In The First Annual American Advertising Federation Dodgeball Tournament

Orange County, California is filled with many different types of Digital Agencies. A quick search on Google for “marketing agency orange county ca” returns About 903 results in (0.50 seconds). There are Creative Agencies that focus on the Automotive space, Website Development Agencies that are experts in the Medical Field, SEO Agencies that deal mostly in Real Estate, and Experiential Agencies that help Local Businesses with Events and Activations.

The one thing all of these Orange County Marketing Agencies have in common with each other is that they hate losing out on accounts that should have gone to them and would love the opportunity to get back at those Agencies of Record. This year The First Annual American Advertising Federation Dodgeball Tournament gave those scorned Agencies the opportunity to take out all of their pent up frustrations out on some fellow Devs, Creatives, and Account Managers.

530medialab decided to enter into the Tournament with a balanced team; comprised of some Creative, Marketing, and Development Team Members.

Before we actually got out there and hit the field, we decided to hold a couple of Dodgeball Practices at 530 Headquarters.

530medialab Practice

530medialab Practice

After a couple of weeks of Friday 530 Dodgeball Practices it was time for the big day. The First Annual American Advertising Federation Dodgeball Tournament was being held near Downtown Santa Ana on a Friday evening. Before we stepped on the field, the 530 Crew needed to calm our nerves a bit.

530medialab Barcade Pregame

The 530medialab Dodgeball Team stopped in at Mission Control, a Barcade located in the McFadden Public Market, for a little Pre-game.

After a few pints, pinball, and pointers on the best way to dodge a ball the 530 Team stumbled over to The First Annual American Advertising Federation Dodgeball Tournament. Here are a few pictures of the Crew, overconfidently smiling, before they got absolutely demolished.

530medialab Dodgeball Team 2019

530medialab Dodgeball Team Stretching

There was a total of 20 Teams representing Agencies from all throughout Orange County. Each team was guaranteed at the very least 3 games in the Tournament, with an elimination and playoff round.

530medialab Dodgeball Team

530medialab Dodgeball Team

530medialab came out swinging and really held their own for the first few matches. With great play from a large percentage of the 530medialab Dodgeball Team, and great effort from the rest, they were able to complete the required 3 games without serious injury.

530medialb Dodgeball Team

530medialb Dodgeball Team

The 530medialab Dodgeball Team Came Away With A Perfect Record:

0 – 3