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Desert shot for Edge Shoot


Edge Products was looking for an exciting way to bring their new Edge CTS2 product line to market, so the 530 Marketing Team decided to get a little dirty with a lifestyle video shoot at the Azusa Canyon Off-Road Park. We installed the Gas Evolution CTS2 in a 2008 Chevy Silverado 4×4 and thrashed through rocky bottom gullies and sandy trails.

The objective was to showcase the Evolution CTS2’s versatile functions that enhance a vehicle’s performance based on the driver’s needs. From the horsepower boosting Extreme mode to the gas saving Economy mode, we put this product to the test and had some fun doing it. The CTS2 product line shows considerable performance enhancing results while off-road and on the highway.

After scouting several locations we decided on Azusa Canyon because the OHV Area offers up to 150 acres of diverse off-road opportunities. Water crossings, rocks, dirt roads and sand hills are some of the seasonally challenging experiences you will find here.

Our video crew used GoPro cameras placed strategically upon the vehicle. These cameras offer amazing picture quality and versatile abilities to capture unique action shots.

From concept to completion, we spent hours storyboarding, location scouting, filming, editing and producing.

The end result is a lifestyle promotional video capturing the excitement and performance levels this product line will bring.