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School Sucks

[school sucks]


Summer RULES
Whether you have been
spending the last couple of months:
sleeping in
lounging by the pool
wearing short shorts
BBQing pollo asada and elote
working on your thigh tan
getting through the 10 lbs of gifted zucchini from your neighbor’s garden
adding that solarium to your summer home
finally getting around to alphabetizing your LPs
working on that 1975 VW Bus restoration your wife thinks is a total money pit
pitching 2 shutouts for your 3rd place co-ed softball team
hammocking hard
eating deep-fried butter balls from the county fair
pontooning out on the lakeAll of that awesome stuff has to come to an end
it’s time to go back to school
School SUCKS


What To Read

We get it. You are so, so busy. You simply do not have time to read anymore and if you did, you wouldn’t know where to start. No worries, fam, we have you covered.
  • Astronauts will bake cookies in space to see how they cook in zero gravity – (
  • Yelp is Screwing Over Restaurants By Quietly Replacing Their Phone Numbers – (VICE)
  • Jay Leno loves his Tesla: ‘There’s almost no reason to have a gas car’ – (CNBC)
  • Instagram Just Acknowledged It Has a Much Bigger Privacy Problem Than We Thought – (
  • Quantum microphone counts particles of sound – (Stanford)
  • ‘Storm Area 51’ Founder Announces Alien Stock Festival – (HYPEBEAST)

What To Watch

The Golden Era of Television? What’s a Television?? Let’s all smash subscribe on our favorite YouTube’s channel and skip through commercials together.
Top 10 Best TikTok Challenges in July 2019 – (YouTube)

Peanut Butter Baby – Remix Compilation #2 – (YouTube)

Danny Trejo Rescues Boy Trapped in Car Following Crash – (YouTube)

Los Espookys – (HBO)

Blown Away (Season 1) Trailer | (Netflix)

Euphoria – (HBO)

What To Listen To

How cool are we at 530? We are so, so cool that not only have we already heard, saw live (twice), and gotten over that hot band you are totally into, but we were a huge influence on their sound.
Ariana Grande, Social House – boyfriend – (YouTube)

Lizzo: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert – (YouTube)

St. Paul & The Broken Bones – A Change Is Gonna Come (Live at Sxsw 2014) – (Spotify)

Khruangbin Boiler Room London Live Set – (Soundcloud)

Bon Iver – i,i – (Spotify)

Rocksteady Essentials Apple Music Reggae – (Apple Music)

What To Eat

Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to nom nom at 530. Some of us like spicy, some like sweet, some like trying new things, and some just do not care at all and will stuff their silly little faces with whatever they can get their grubby little fingers on – you know who you are 😉
  • You Kanat Believe How Good These Turkish Chicken Wings Are – (SeriousEats)
  • No One Asked for This, But French’s Just Made Mustard Ice Cream – (Adweek)
  • Nissin Releases Game-Changing Nutritious Instant Ramen – (HYPEBEAST)
  • Beyond Meat comes to Subway in the form of a meatball – (Engadget)
  • Gucci Opens Fine Dining Restaurant – (Business of Fashion)
  • Olive Garden Has Finally Unveiled Its Magnum Opus: The Lifetime Pasta Pass – (Kitchn)

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