Digital Marketing

Identify, Attract, Convert, and Evangelize Your Brand's Ideal Customers With Digital Marketing

Your ideal customer is buying Online, but do you know how to find them?
Once you find them, do you know how to convert?
530medialab Identifies, Attracts, Convinces, Converts, and then Evangelizes Your Online Brand's Ideal Customers through Paid, Earned, & Owned Channels.
Think: Social Media Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Remarketing Ads etc.

Search Engine Marketing & Advertising

Google isn’t looking out for you or your business. This statement applies to every business with the possible exception of Google itself. The only way to beat Google’s constantly changing standards, preferences and rules are to dive into them every day with a little intuition and a lot of know-how. Our search engine marketing services ––both PPC advertising and organic SEO––keep you at the top of the listings and your cost-per-click low.

Media Buying & Optimization

Traditional Advertising was all about Reach, Impressions, and Eyeballs. Buying Media in the Digital Age is all about targeting and conversions. 530medialab's Media Buying and Optimization Services help Online Brands, like yours, get the most out of their Ad dollars. By researching the channels that deliver more Ideal Customers, and constantly testing and reassessing your Brand's spend to consistently lower cost per acquisition, you will have a better opportunity to increase revenue and lower costs.

Email Marketing

Email address acquisition, targeted list building, drip campaigns, promotional campaigns, newsletters, and abandoned cart email programs are more than Marketing add-ons - they are the savvy Online Brand's bread-and-butter. Not only does 530medialab champion all of the studies that have proven that email has the greatest ROI across all marketing channels, 530 produces the same results for you and your Online Brand. When you partner with pros like 530, you get championship results.

Creative and Execution

Successful Digital Marketing takes an entire team of creatives, strategists, and analysts. Marketers at 530medialab collaborate to better understand the needs, wants, and desires of your Online Brand's Audience. They craft Ads, create Content, and deploy Campaigns that align those Ideal Audiences with your Brand. They track, measure, adjust, and redeploy Campaigns for the most optimal returns. The 530medialab crew is your Online Brand's well oiled, and super successful Digital Marketing machine.