Armada Skis

Leading Skiing Brand was looking for a more robust eCommerce experience that represented their innovative Lifestyle that can be used for both B2C and B2X in US and Canada.


PHP, HTML, Javascript
Web Development: WORDPRESS + WOOCOMMERCE w/ ERP Integration

Digital Marketing: Email, Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, SEO, SEM

Armada Skis on mountain

What They Have To Say

“As the new Head of Ecommerce for Armada Skis, I was very fortunate to inherit a partnership with 530 Media Lab, a relationship previous teams had built for over a decade.

Over the last 4 years with 530 Media Lab, Armada Skis has experienced many successes from designing and developing new eCommerce sites with highly complex ERP integrations, to building and fine tuning a true Digital Marketing Machine for our brand.

Armada & 530’s highly tuned digital machine executes our digital marketing strategy with acquisition & retention campaigns through multiple platforms and tools, across 15 countries and 3 languages.

Kim Dunn & Bill Jones lead a skilled, adaptable, and personable team who care for Armada as if it were their own brand.”

– Trevor Jackson, Head of Ecommerce – Armada Skis

The Challenge

Armada wanted to create a new eCommerce site that could be used for both their B2C and B2X focuses, all while keeping their incredible artistic aesthetic.

Multi-lingual, with special Membership tiers and pricing, the project would span multiple CMS and be heavy in integration techniques.

armada skis looking to sky

The Plan

530medialab would design and develop a new eCommerce site that could be used for both B2C and B2X.

The B2C site would be visually dynamic, featuring large graphic and tech heavy details while using categories to drive Add to Cart or Find a Dealer.

The B2X site would utilize approved membership with designated pricing tiers.

530 would build for both US and Canada with the added feature of multi-language for the Canada site.

The Results

Armada has seen both Membership levels and sitewide revenue grow since completion of initial website launch.

In addition to improving the overall eCommerce experience, adding a complete and comprehensive Digital Marketing program has also helped Armada Identify, Attract, Convert, and Evangelize their Lifestyle Brand’s Ideal Customers resulting in an increase in both B2C and B2X sales.

Continued Support

After of the successful launch of Armada Ski’s website 530medialab furthered the partnership by:

• Performing website backups and security scans
• Tracking, compiling, and reporting onsite usage
• Monitoring site performance and suggesting improvements
• Optimizing site structure and content for search (SEO)
• Applying security and technical updates
• Posting new content and updating existing content.
• Updating links and earning backlinks

Digital Marketing

In addition to a successful launch of Armada Ski’s website 530medialab furthered the partnership by engaging in a Custom Digital Marketing Program consisting of:

• Digital Media Planning & Strategy
• Social Media Advertising
• Content Concepts
• Campaign Development & Copywriting
• Remarketing Campaigns
• Social Shopping Campaigns
• Search Engine Advertising
• Dynamic Retargeting Display Campaigns
• Search Shopping Campaigns
• Email Marketing Strategy
• Email Marketing Management
• Search Engine Optimization
• Blog Post Creation
• Landing Pages Creation
• Influencer Strategy & Advisement

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