Prominent Los Angeles luxury leather goods brand KILLSPENCER was looking to re-platform their eCommerce website without any interruption in the customer experience while continuing to drive sales.


Liquid, Javascript, CSS, jQuery
Web Development: Shopify w/ Custom Theme

Digital Marketing: Email, Social Media Advertising, SEO, SEM

The Challenge

Designing beautiful websites is one thing, but what happens when you want to change something or update an image?

KILLSPENCER was looking for an eCommerce platform that would give them a better admin experience, with improved site performance and flexibility, all while maintaining the look and feel of their current Magento site.


The Plan

530medialab would plan, coordinate and execute design, development and migration of their existing Magento eCommerce site design and content to Shopify Premium, including custom theme development and UX enhancements on the new platform.

The Results

With the new custom Shopify site that 530medialab built, KILLSPENCER was able to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the Shopify platform while maintaining the overall look/feel of their existing website.

Shopify gave KILLSPENCER improved site performance, more user friendly admin capabilities, and enhanced the option for future design flexibility without compromising on custom features that were already in place on their Magento site.

Continued Support

After of the successful launch of KILLSPENCER’s website 530medialab furthered the partnership by:

• Performing website backups and security scans
• Tracking, compiling, and reporting onsite usage
• Monitoring site performance and suggesting improvements
• Optimizing site structure and content for search (SEO)
• Applying security and technical updates
• Posting new content and updating existing content.
• Updating links and earning backlinks


Digital Marketing

In addition to a successful launch of KILLSPENCER’s website 530medialab furthered the partnership by engaging in a Custom Digital Marketing Program consisting of:

• Digital Media Planning & Strategy
• Social Media Advertising
• Content Concepts
• Campaign Development & Copywriting
• Remarketing Campaigns
• Social Shopping Campaigns
• Search Engine Advertising
• Dynamic Retargeting Display Campaigns
• Search Shopping Campaigns
• Email Marketing Strategy
• Email Marketing Management
• Search Engine Optimization
• Blog Post Creation
• Landing Pages Creation
• Influencer Strategy & Advisement

email marketing display ads

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