MasterCraft Boat Company

The definitive brand in watersports, MasterCraft Boat Company, refreshes their web experience to digitally represent the Brand’s superior quality while simultaneously improving backend website management.


PHP, HTML, Javascript
Web Development: CodeIgniter Custom CMS

The Challenge

MasterCraft Boat Company wanted to create a new feel to their legacy eCommerce site while keeping their amazingly powerful imagery in the forefront.

MasterCraft was seeking Improvements to its website’s existing CMS to better improve not only site maintenance, but overall performance.

The Plan

530medialab would design and develop a mobile-first responsive website, intuitive site navigation, powerful imagery, and reduced cognitive material.

The new CMS improvements would help in optimizing the website performance and provide better flexibility to its SEO structure.

The Results

MasterCraft Boat Company’s new website has since become the industry model for the boating world.

In addition to improving the overall eCommerce experience, adding a complete and comprehensive CMS fully optimized for MasterCraft’s needs, it has quickened website speeds, and has helped Mastercraft see a 12% increase in conversion rate.

Continued Support

After of the successful launch of MasterCraft Boat Comapny’s website 530medialab furthered the partnership by:

• Performing website backups and security scans
• Tracking, compiling, and reporting onsite usage
• Monitoring site performance and suggesting improvements
• Optimizing site structure and content for search (SEO)
• Applying security and technical updates
• Posting new content and updating existing content.
• Updating links and earning backlinks

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