ReadyLIFT Suspension

Industry leader in the Offroad space looks to create a responsive, user-friendly eCommerce web experience that streamlines navigation while simultaneously giving users all the necessary information and specs to determine the right product.


PHP, HTML, Javascript
Web Development: WORDPRESS + WOOCOMMERCE w/ ERP Integration

Digital Marketing: Email, Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, SEO, SEM

The Challenge

ReadyLIFT’s website users were having a difficult time matching the correct product to the unique make, model, and year of their own trucks while shopping online and there was no way to showcase products for individual car manufacturers on their own pages.

ReadyLIFT staff was also manually maintaining all inventory numbers and the complete sales transaction process.

The Plan

530medialab would build an eCommerce environment, complete with a product discovery process that simplifies the steps to find the right lift for the Year/Make/Model of any vehicle on their eCommerce site.

530 would design vehicle, product and category landing pages that visually educate consumers and also integrate inventory and sales management with ReadyLIFT Suspension’s Sage ERP system.

The Results

Utilizing Magento 2’s enhanced platform and API to pull Vehicle and Product pairing information from a custom data module and display visually on front-end, 530medialab built from the ground up a full-service eCommerce site

Data was organized to allow for use on the website, with vendors, and syndication through varying reports.

Sage ERP inventory and order information was successfully integrated better streamlining ReadyLIFT’s eCommerce Operations.

Continued Support

After of the successful launch of ReadyLIFT’s website 530medialab furthered the partnership by:

• Performing website backups and security scans
• Tracking, compiling, and reporting onsite usage
• Monitoring site performance and suggesting improvements
• Optimizing site structure and content for search (SEO)
• Applying security and technical updates
• Posting new content and updating existing content.
• Updating links and earning backlinks

Digital Marketing

In addition to a successful launch of ReadyLIFT’s website 530medialab furthered the partnership by engaging in a Custom Digital Marketing Program consisting of:

• Digital Media Planning & Strategy
• Social Media Advertising
• Content Concepts
• Campaign Development & Copywriting
• Remarketing Campaigns
• Social Shopping Campaigns
• Search Engine Advertising
• Dynamic Retargeting Display Campaigns
• Search Shopping Campaigns
• Email Marketing Strategy
• Email Marketing Management
• Search Engine Optimization
• Blog Post Creation
• Landing Pages Creation
• Influencer Strategy & Advisement

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